Tomislav Krizman’s Printmaking Anthology / From the Holdings of the Department of Prints and Drawings of CASA

Fisher in der Bucht von Lesina
(Fishermen in the Bay of Hvar)

From the portfolio Skizzen und Eindrücke aus Dalmatien, Bosnien, Kroatisch Zagorien und Wien (Vienna, 1907)
/ From the portfolio Sketches and Impressions from Dalmatia, Bosnia, Hrvatsko zagorje and Vienna (Vienna, 1907)

colour etching

115 x 292 / 390 x 488 mm; paperboard

sign. bottom below print in pencil: Tomislav Krizman;

imprinted monogram below print in the middle: TK // ALBUM

inv. no. KG HAZU 2300